Lisa Jade 

Science Fiction Author

Clover - Now available on ebook & paperback!

My latest novel, Clover, is now available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback!

Clover is a dystopian sci-fi novel that operates as a standalone. It follows the story of Noah, a Mill worker in a vicious future where lies are everywhere and nobody knows who to trust.

When Noah is thrust into the bustling city of Thorne with a special delivery, she finds herself sucked into something much bigger than anything she could imagine.

Clover is available now on Kindle for just £1.99!


Welcome to, home of my various writing projects. I write primarily Science fiction, centring around minor romances, dystopias and post-apocalyptic themes.

To date I have released one book, a futuristic adventure novel called The Lumis War. My second novel, dystopian adventure Clover, just released on 10th March 2017. My current project is a space travel novel called The Launch of Eden. I also share novellas and short stories on the Short Stories page.

Feel free to have a look around the site, download and read any of the previews or shorts that catch your attention.

And you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter by the links to your right. I'm easily contactable via [email protected] and I absolutely love to receive your comments and opinions. Feel free to browse the site and I hope you enjoy!