Lisa Jade 

Science Fiction Author


Lisa Jade is a fiction writer based in the UK. She currently lives in Shropshire with her husband and writes Dystopian Science Fiction novels. She has been writing novels for eight years.

About Me

I'm a huge fan of classic Dystopian Fiction - Farenheit 451, 1984 and Brave New World are some of the most impressive books I have ever read. I also deeply appreciate the rise of modern Dystopia aimed at the younger generation, like Hunger Games and Divergent. I think it's fantastic that the heavy-hitting messages created by a Dystopian novel are being updated for a new world.

I try to straddle a certain mid-point with my work wherever possible, taking inspiration from classic science fiction and combining it with the traits of a modern YA novel -  a good YA book will always be enjoyed by more than just young people!

Content wise, I favour strong female leads, deep internal conflicts and unique settings. My books often cross the line into violent and dark, with an emphasis on newly-formed relationships and platonic opposite-sex friendship. As always, I'm open to trying different kinds of Sci-Fi subgenres; so far my three books span the genre thoroughly, crossing post-apocalyptic cyberpunk, classic dark dystopia, and far-future space travel.