Lisa Jade 

Science Fiction Author

The Tomorrow Project - Available on Kindle & Paperback

The whole world knows Alya Mathis. She's the Tomorrow Girl - the stuff of dreams. Born in a lab and raised by the Tomorrow Project, she's the world's first immortal human.

Not everyone knows about her older sister, Reya. They only know her as a binge-drinking, potty-mouthed troublemaker with a mean sarcastic streak. They only know that she routinely gets into fights, both with the Project's detractors and Rene Mathis, the Project Head.

Almost nobody knows that Reya was supposed to be the Tomorrow Girl. Nobody ever discusses it. It's like it never happened. But Reya remembers. She remembers a time when the Project were like family to her. She sees their detractors growing in numbers, and becoming more violent with each confrontation.

She'd do anything to make things right again. Even if it means betraying everyone and becoming something else entirely...

The narrative was flawless. The storyline constantly moving and there was not a section in the book I’d consider pointless.

Goodreads Reviewer

... another superb futuristic standalone novel

Goodreads Reviewer